B.COM. – Bachelor of Commerce

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Minimum Qualification required for admission in B.Com is 10+2 from a recognized board. The process of Admission is carried out as per the Jamia rules.


The medium of counselling will be predominantly in English. The Self Learning Material and Assignments are available in English only. However, the student can write the assignments and the Final Examination papers in Hindi and Urdu also.


B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce:

Each B.Com. student will undertake 18 theory courses during three years duration. One of these courses will have a practical component in addition to the theory part. A breakup of the courses for three year is given below:

1st Year

2nd Year

  1. B.Com101: Money and Financial System
  2. B.Com102: Financial Accounting
  3. B.Com103: Company Law
  4. B.Com104: Business Law
  5. B.Com105: Business Economics
  6. B.Com106: Principles of Business Management
  1. B.Com201: Business Communication
  2. B.Com202: Business Mathematics and Statistics 
  3. B.Com203: Corporate Accounts
  4. B.Com204: Principles of Marketing
  5. B.Com205: Information Technology in Business
  6. B.Com206: Business Environment

3rd Year

Total Marks

  1. B.Com301: Financial Management
  2. B.Com302: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  3. B.Com303: Cost and Management Accounting
  4. B.Com304: Income Tax
  5. B.Com305: Auditing
  6. B.Com306: Fundamentals of Insurance

Year I: 600

Year II: 600

Year III: 600

Total 1800


The admission to the above programmes at Kolkata will be done directly by Carreograph Institute of Managment Studies. Filled up forms along with full course fees are to be submitted at Carreograph Institute of Managment Studies campus. All admissions are provisional and subject to final scrutiny from the University.


July of every year


All applications will be scrutinized at Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi. Name of selected candidates will be put-up in the website. Identity cards will be issued from Jamia Millia Islamia to the selected candidates.


At the end of the Academic Year, students are automatically get promoted to the next academic year. Promotion from 1st year to 2nd year and from 2nd year to 3rd year is automatic. The first, second and third year is only for the purpose of delivery system of instruction. The student can clear all unclear theory and practical courses within the maximum time limit allowed (6 years). It will not be mandatory to clear all term end papers and practical for promotion from 1st year to 2nd year and from 2nd year to 3rd year.


Assignments is a part of the continuous evaluation system. The submission of assignments is compulsory. Assignments of a course carry about 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given to the Term-End Examinations. Assignment is of 30 marks and Term End Examination is for 70 marks for each 100 marks theory paper.


To pass in the examination, a candidate must obtain:

  • At least 33% marks in each Term-End Examination and Assignments separately.
  • At least 33% marks in each Term-End practical Examination
  • An aggregate at least 40% marks based on all theory papers (courses) & assignments, to claim the degree.
  • If a student fails in any component of a course viz. theory and/or practical he/she will have to repeat the same component during the subsequent year(s) up to the maximum period 6 year allowed from the date of registration.



  • Distinction to those who obtain 75% marks or more in the aggregate.
  • First Division to those who obtain 60% marks or more in the aggregate.
  • Second Division to those who obtain less than 60% marks in the aggregate but not less than 50% marks.
  • Third division to those who obtain less than 50% marks in the aggregate but not less than 40% marks.



1. Why will I do B.Com from Jamia Millia Islamia?

Ans: Jamia Millia Islamia is a Central University at New Delhi. Jamia Millia Islamia is rated as one of the best Academic Institutions of the country and also commands a very high International reputation.

Jamia Millia Islamia is UGC recognized and approved by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Students getting Degree from Jamia Millia Islamia will be eligible to appear for all State and Central Government job.

2. What does the course B.Com basically deals with?

Ans: B.Com inculcates business acumen in students. It is highly focused on corporate accounts and related fields i.e. audit, laws (in Indian context). This course will equip the students not only to account for business but will enable them acquire management skills as well. It is a 3 years undergraduate degree which provides foundation in all aspects of commerce. It prepares a candidate to face the modern accounting and finance world.

3. What is the difference between “Knowledge” and “Skilled Knowledge”?

Ans: Knowledge is the theoretical part & skilled knowledge is the application part of knowledge.

A B.Com graduate knows how to solve the sums of accountancy in pen and paper. i.e. the knowledge part of a person. Now in the job front to prepare a Balance Sheet, knowledge of accounting software is required, at the same time it has to be computerized and not in the traditional mode of pen and paper.

So here the B.Com degree is knowledge and knowing accounting software is skilled knowledge, which is not there in university syllabus.

4. What is “Domain Knowledge”?

Ans: Domain knowledge means the specific knowledge of a person about his core specialization.

For example: A B.Com graduate must know the accounting principles. This is the domain knowledge of a B. Com graduate.

5. What domain Knowledge is essential for a B.Com graduate to get a good Job?

Ans: Having strong domain knowledge is an advantage as it keeps you one step ahead.

For example: A B.Com graduate should have knowledge about recording, summarizing of transactions and at the same time he should know the preparation of taxation and all the implication of taxes on a business. These are the domain knowledge required for a job. Regular practices and up to date lessons are needed to have strong domain knowledge.

Only following the syllabus will give the overview of these domain knowledge but detailed study and updated learning methods will help to build up the domain knowledge.

6. What is the difference between a Job and a Career?

Ans: Job is the routine functional role & responsibility that is delivered with respect to the assigned task.

Career is the scopes of growth, prospects & promotions that can be achieved through successful performance of the job.

7. What does an interviewer look for in a candidate before selecting him/her?

Ans: English communication skill, personality, technical skills and domain knowledge are the key areas which an interviewer looks into before selecting him or her.

8. Will a B.Com degree from Jamia Millia Islamia be sufficient to get a job?

Ans. Students passing out from Jamia Millia Islamia gets their degree from a central university, which technically qualifies them to appear for all State & Central Govt. jobs and also in the corporate sector.

Jamia Millia Islamia will not provide any placement assistance.

9. Apart from the B.Com degree what are the additional qualities required to get a Job?

Ans: Apart from knowledge, English Communication Skill, Domain Knowledge and Technical Skills are also required to become successful in the interview board.

Apart from a degree, a B .Com graduate appearing for the interview also needs to know Tally, which is not there in the university syllabus. Certain other technical & functional skills like SAP, ERP etc. if known by a B.Com student will help him to get a job.

10. How can Carreograph Institute of Management Studies help me to get a Job?

Ans: A degree gives knowledge, which technically qualifies students to appear for the interviews.

For example: a B .Com graduate appearing for the interview also needs to know Tally, which is not there in the university syllabus. Carreograph Institute of Management Studies conducts autonomous programme by which domain knowledge, technical skills, communication skills and soft skills of the students are enhanced. The students are also provided with full placement assistance from Carreograph Institute of Management Studies.


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