Diploma In Pharmaceutical Management

Carreograph is a Training and Placement Consultancy firm based at Kolkata, operating at a national level. Carreograph conducts regular courses for fresh graduates, up to 24 years, selected on the basis of aptitude and communicational skills. Over a period of six months, they are groomed up so well that most of the students are picked by our Pharma clients. Many Pharma companies prefer to conduct interviews at Carreograph Training Centers to recruit professionals for their companies.



To technically prepare pharmacy Graduates with professional skills and Industry Overview and provide them with Placement assistance.


Prof (Dr.) P. N. Murty – Director & Principal, Royal College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Berhampore opined:

DPM is a useful course for fresh pharmacy graduates to improve their soft skills, communication skills, and to have a good interaction with the Pharma Industry personnel if it is conducted as planned.

Dr. M. E Bhanoji Rao – Principal, Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampore was happy to state:

The objective of DPM is to groom the B.Pharm Graduates according to the needs of Pharmaceutical Industry.

Dr. V. J. Patro – Principal-in-Charge, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampore viewed DPM as:

A very fine idea for launching such a course for B. Pharm students for their betterment in especially for production jobs. Although the students read about the communication skills, do some practical – but still DPM will help them for better practicing with the Industry people.

Prof. B. B. Barik – Former H.O.D., University Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar remarked:

– Different modules are good.

– Needs some practical exposure or problem solving capacity

– Status and prospects of different job opportunity in Pharma Industries should be included

Dr. G. K. Dash – Former Principal, Indira Gandhi Inst. Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhubaneswar stated:

The course definitely helps the students to find suitable place in Pharma Industry. I wish its all success in future.

Dr. U. L Narayan – Principal, IGIPS

At present this course construction is satisfactory.

Dr. Sajal Ray Chowdhury – Ex-Director – Drugs Control Department, West Bengal Govt. states:

I am extremely happy that a program like Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management (DPM) is now available in our state and this will definitely provide the industry with more equipped technical personnel.

Dr. Pranabesh Chakraborty – Ex-Principal – Gupta College of Technological Sciences, Asansol and Director, Bengal School of Technology, Sugandha.

After going through the course content of DPM, I have found it quite contemporary and useful for B.Pharm students.

Dr. Kalyan Kr. Sen – Principal – Gupta College of Technological Sciences, Asansol.

Sincere efforts of Carreograph for developing this industry oriented program (DPM) to get the job has encouraged us to send our students to this program.

Dr. Ashok Ghosh – Director, College of Pharmacy, Institute of Foreign Trade & Management, Moradabad

Pharmacy student community can immensely benefit from DPM – the industry specific program is structured keeping in mind the contemporary need. It is my recommendation to B.Pharm students to undergo this program.

Mr. Partha Mukherjee – Ex-VP, Anglo French.

Application of knowledge accrued during 4 years of B.Pharm study can be effectively done with the help of DPM. Rather this will have a synergistic effect.

Mr. P K Jain – VP, Works, Albert David Ltd.

Quite often we have seen fresh candidates who are knowledgeable but lack in skills and they are more theoretical. We hope this kind of program will change this scenario.

Mr.Tridib Neogy – Associate VP (Quality Assurance), Albert David Ltd.

DPM is meant for improving Skills area and employability factor of a fresh pharma student.

Mr. Manabendra Banerjee – Sales Manager, Wallace Pharmaceuticals

I recruit DPM Students from Carreograph frequently and highly satisfied with the quality of students. It is an incredible effort of Carreograph to develop such job specific program.


It is a six months training programme designed specifically keeping in mind the requirement of the pharmaceutical Industry. Students are developed accordingly in the total programme so that they become employable and eventually can be placed in different Pharma companies by Carreograph.

Professional profile of Pranab Raychaudhuri Director, Training and Management Education – Carreograph

Presently Mr. Raychaudhuri is at the helm of all training activities of in-house as well as outside in the corporate sectors as Training Director of Carreograph. He is continuously researching towards the upgradation of all training modules in line with contemporary needs. Along with he is also serving as the president of Carreograph Institute of Pharmaceutical Management.

Mr. Raychaudhuri started his career in pharmaceutical sales as Medical Representative in Bengal Immunity Co. at Kolkata. He drew managements attention in various tests, obtaining high marks as a topper and was selected for the first time in the company as Detail man Bulk Chemicals and given a special training in B.I. Research Institute.

He later joined the Indian Unit, Roche Products Ltd. of the then multinational 1st pharma Swiss giant, F. Hoffmann La Roche & Co. From here he had grown in strengths. Mr. Raychaudhuri got promotions at regular intervals and reached the level of Zonal Manager. Subsequently, he became Dy.General Manager in Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. (NPIL) when NPIL took over the Indian Unit of Roche. He served the industry over there decades.

Roche was probably the 1st company to introduce computerization of field force activity in India in 1990. Roche Management was pleased to decentralize this activity only in eastern India to make it more effective and gave him go ahead signal for such activity. Based on Swiss software programme, Mr. Raychaudhuri altered the programme to bring suitability to the Indian working style and became successful to produce summary of Daily Call Reports & various other reports in a periodical manner for a better control of field force activity & accountability of 1st line managers. Later, Mr. Raychaudhuri was highly praised for this controlling system by NPIL president Mr. Kurtkuti who directed him to start for this system in NPIL too.

Mr.Raychaudhuri had the rare distinction of undergoing training in India and Switzerland by many Indian & International legendary trainers. In turn, he has trained many Medical Representatives and Managers before taking charge of Carreograph Training Centre. Under the leadership of Mr. Raychaudhuri, a team of qualified and competent professionals from Pharma Industry working relentlessly for more than a decade to provide the industry with skilled and trained human workforce.

As Training Director, Mr. Raychaudhuri played the role of architect in designing and continuously upgrading the modules.

Professional profile of Dr. Jayanta Chattapadhyay

Dr. Jayanta Chattopadhyay is currently heading Kalyani factory of the Dabur Pharma Limited. Dr. Chattopadhyay did B. Pharm (gold medalist for standing 1st with 1st class) M. Pharm and Phd from Jadavpur University and MBA from Calcutta University.

He has about 25 years experience in pharmaceutical industry, which includes research & development, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, project and management.

Dr. Chattopadhyay served the US multinational Pfizer limited for long time.

He served as guest lecturer in department of chemical technology, Calcutta University and institute of Pharmaceutical Health Care Management and Research, Calcutta.

Dr. Chattopadhyay served as an examiner for B. Tech, B. Pharm, M. Pharm and Ph. D thesis for various universities. Dr. Chattopadhyay has traveled to Australia, Germany, France, China and delivered scientific sessions.

Dr. Chattopadhyay has lectured on various scientific sessions in symposia and seminars organized by Indian Pharmaceutical Congress association, Indian Patent Office, National Research & Development Council, Calcutta University, Central Drugs Standard Organization & Niper.

Recently Dr. Chattopadhyay has filed a US patent on polymorphism. 


SYLLABUS FOR DIPLOMA IN PHARMACEUTICAL MANAGEMENT (DPM) – Distance learning mode programme of 6 months under the following four specializations:



B.Pharm final year students at their 4th year (7th semester).


August of every year.

Admission Form, PDF version. Click here.

In six months training course, candidates are selected on the basis of their age, qualification and academic records. Our Counselors will take a personal interview before the admission.


Rs.12000/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand only)

Mode of Payments: Course Fees should be paid vide Demand Draft or in Cash. Demand Draft should be payable at Kolkata and in favour of Carreograph Institute of Pharmaceutical Management.


(1) I want to start my career in QC, QA, or Production. How DPM will help me?

DPM course will provide you a comprehensive advanced knowledge power house of QC /QA/GMP/Production Technology, tailor made for career in the Pharmaceutical Industry .The course which is compiled by Pharma industry professionals, provides vital knowledge required in the Industry, not essentially covered in the B. Pharm course. DPM Course will have Personal Contact Programme for every module through which you will have total job clarity.

Successful students will get placement assistance from Carreograph Institute of Pharmaceutical Management.

There will be guided Industrial tours/ participation in Pharmaceutical conference & exhibition and on the job Training, where you will have the opportunity of practically doing the job/exposure to latest technology and equipment that you will be studying.

The above two will significantly help you to improve your knowledge, give a much better Interview than your friends who have not undergone this Programme.

You will be identified as a future Managerial Candidate and your probability of getting promotion will be quicker & faster.

(2) I want to come to Marketing. How will DPM help me?

DPM Course will impart the basic concepts of Management Principles within you in the following ways:

  • DPM course will provide you a comprehensive advanced knowledge powerhouse about basics of sales & marketing, tailor made for the career in the pharmaceutical industry. The course, which is compiled by Pharma industry professionals, provides vital knowledge required in the Industry, not essentially covered in the B. Pharm course.
  • DPM Course will have Personal Contact Programme for every module through which you will have total job clarity.
  • Successful students will get placement assistance from Carreograph Institute of Pharmaceutical Management.
  • There will be guided tours to scientific medical conferences/ participation in pharmaceutical conferences & exhibitions. It will give you a total picture how the sales & marketing sector in a pharma company operates. It will also give you exposure of the latest product promotional strategies and technologies.
  • This Course will train you on the Job Concept clearly and properly and will help you to perform better than your colleagues.
  • Your probability of getting promotion will be quicker & faster.

(3) Can I really learn from a Distance Learning Programme?

Learning never stops provided you have the desire & inclination to learn. In fact all working Professionals across the Globe are updating their knowledge through Distance Learning Progamme only.

You are fortunate that you still being a student is getting the opportunity to undergo in a Pharmaceutical Management programme simultaneously along with your degree course.

The programme of six months comprises of six Modules. For every Module there will be Personal Contact Programme through which you will get the opportunity to clarify all your doubts personally from the respective trainers/industry experts.

Moreover, there will be Industrial tours through which you will have a practical knowledge of what you are learning.

(4) My communication skills are not so good. Will DPM take care of my communication skills?

Communication is a very important part of Interview process. To clear the Interviews successfully, Communication skills are essential. DPM will take care of your

a. Communication skills – Through Group Discussions & extempore speeches during PCP’s. b. Will provide soft skill trainings on

– Interview Techniques – Personality Development – Objection Handling – Self Presentation

DPM will totally package you professionally for your success in the Interview Board. You will be provided with question banks and mock interview sessions to make you highly prepared for the interview following by a total placement support from us.

(5) What extra benefit will I get if I appear for an Interview by doing DPM?

Your College has taught you on the knowledge part. DPM will train you on the application part of the knowledge in the Industry.

Academic courses in our country are not very much industry oriented and are not updated frequently; As a result present day industry requirements are not addressed. This results in practical knowledge deficiency among the students.

This DPM course designed by industry experts will bridge the gap in your knowledge deficiency & fulfill the expectations of the Industry. Through PCP’s & practicals on the Job Training/Pharma equipment exposure you will represent your self as a much efficient candidate than others who have not undergone this unique course.

(6) Will there be any Placement Assistance?

Surely. Every student of DPM will get full Placement Support from us. In fact you would be happy to know that Carreograph is a leading Pharmaceutical Placement Consultant of the country, having a presence of more than one decade. To know more about our placement please visit Placement Record page.

(7) Will I be able to pursue two courses at a time?

Yes. This is possible because both the courses are complementary to each other. In fact a sizeable technical segment is quite similar to your present subjects. On the contrary to your apprehension, this course will also help you to do better in Present degree course.

(8) Is your Institute recognised by any University or is it affiliated?

Any Diploma Course doesn’t need any recognition from any university. For example, even IIMS, XLRI or Jamunalal Bajaj Institute are self-governed autonomous bodies & not affiliated by any University. However, Carreograph Institute of Pharmaceutical Management is a recognized institution registered under West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961.

(9) Can I pay the fees in installments?

In any Distance Learning Programme, Course fees are taken in semester wise. DPM is a six months diploma of single semester. So there is no provision of part payments.

(10) Will I get any certificate on successful completion of DPM?

Yes. Students successfully completing the DPM will be awarded Diploma from CIPM through a convocation programme. The convocation ceremony will be attended by galaxy of experts and practicing senior managers from the Pharmaceutical industry who are cherry – picked icons in their respective domain.


Pinki Basu Choudhury – 9830008594

Dipankar Chattopadhyay – 9874233225