MBA Course – Vidyasagar University

Vidyasagar University was established on 29th September 1981 by an Act called the Vidyasagar University Act 1981 (West Bengal Act XVIII of 1981) after the name of Pandit Iswar Chandra Bandyopadhyay, known as Vidyasagar. The educationist and social worker of Bengal. The University Grants Commission accorded recognition to the University under 12 B on March 1, 1990. The Vidyasagar University is established with a mission to provide an answer to the needs of the region, ethnic, socio – cultural and geographical along with mainstream education. The University logo with the motto “Education, Knowledge, Progress” embodies the mission stated above.

Carreograph Institute of Management Studies is an Educational Institution providing job oriented training for more than a decade. Our 2 Months Training, Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management programmes have helped several working professionals to excel in their career.

CIMS have got affiliation from Vidyasagar University to conduct MBA of two years in distance learning mode.



Two years MBA course in Distance Learning Mode is designed to enrich the skills and competency level of existing working professionals.

CIMS will provide study materials and indigenously developed module through which students will be able to learn the core subject. Every paper will have a Personal Contact Programme classes on Sundays only.

Personal Contact Programme sessions will be taken by professors drawn from best Management Institutions and senior mangers from the Industry. There will be case study based training through which students will be able to clarify the doubts which they are regularly facing in their current job front.

Programme Objective: Distance Education is an opportunity to learn at the pace, place and convenience of the learner. Time and distance are, thus, no longer the constrain in learning, which is a life long process. Today distance education is provided by multiple institutions through multiple channels globally. Presently, a massive proportion of population takes to distance education.

Vidyasagar University with the help of CIMS extents its MBA in Distance Learning Mode for working professionals with an objective to:

  • Impart basics of Management Education to working professionals.
  • Impart case study based learning so that learning & working can happen simultaneously.
  • Develop contemporary management skills in the core domain knowledge area.
  • Keep the students updated with the latest changes and developments of the global scenario.

Papers with Marks

 Semester I & II is common for all

Semester I


Semester II


1) Management Theory:       Principles and Processes

2) Managerial Economics

3) Quantitative Methods 

4) Accounting for Managers

5) Business Legislation

6) Business Communication      & Environmental Studies







1) Organizational Behavior and      Management of Change

2) Financial Management

3) Marketing Management

4) Human Resource Management

5) Production and Operations      Management

6) Business Policy and Strategic      Management











 Apart from 2 compulsory papers in semester III candidates have to select 2 elective papers – 1 major, 1 minor

Semester III


Semester IV


1) Computer Applications in      Business

2) Corporate Governance and      Rural Management

3) Elective – I – 2 papers    (Major)

4) Elective – II – 2 papers    (Minor)





1) Elective – I – 3 papers     (Major)

2) Elective – II – 3 papers     (Minor)






Project Work on Major         100       

Grand Viva         100       


Total marks

Semester I      600 Semester II     600 Semester III     600 Semester IV    600 Project           100 Grand Viva     100 Total           2600


Candidates have to choose Elective I & Elective II among the following options – 

Elective options

Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing Management – PMM

Human Resource Management – HRM

Marketing Management – MM

International Business – IB

Finance Management – FM

Pharmaceutical Industry Management – PIM


Graduates in any discipline from any recognized University.


The admission to MBA programme through distance mode will be done directly by CIMS. Filled up forms along with full course fees are to be submitted at CIMS office. All admissions are provisional and subject to final scrutiny from the University.

Session: January & July of every year.


Admission continues through out the year for 2 sessions, January & July.


Candidates seeking admission to MBA in distance learning mode have to undergo a screening process conducted by the Institute. Only on successful clearance of the screening process, students will be advised for admission. Final year students taking admission have to produce their Graduation certificate within 6 months from the date of admission.


All fees are to be paid Semester wise that is in the beginning of a Semester. Total course fees for MBA including all charges is as follows:


Semester Tuition Fees Examination Fees Total
I 15,000 1,200 16,200
II 15,000 1,200 16,200
III 15,000 1,200 16,200
IV 15,000 1,200 16,200

Total cost:



Mode of Payments

Payment is accepted by demand draft drawn in favour of Carreograph Institute of Management Studies, payable at Kolkata.


Semester-wise examination will be held twice in a year generally in the months of June and December in different regions.

Only those students who have completed the Home Assignments of all the papers in particular semester and scored reasonably good marks and attended PCPs will be eligible for appearing at the written examination of that semester.

Attempts will be made to hold the examination simultaneously in many centers, provided there is sufficient number of candidates registered for each such centre.

Students will have to submit application in the prescribed form for appearing at the semester examination within the stipulated date.

PCP Schedule

Every paper will have a PCP class of 6 hrs. PCP sessions will be taken by professors drawn from best Management Institutions and also senior mangers from the Industry. There will be case study based training through which students will be able to clarify the doubts which they are regularly facing in their current job front.

Passing Standards

Students will be awarded overall grades on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained by them at the semester examinations.

In order to pass in written examination in any paper a student must obtain at least 40% marks. Pass marks for Project Work and Grand Viva are 50% in each case.

In order to be eligible for the degree a student must pass in all the individual papers including Project Work and Grand Viva. The components of examination for each paper will be as follows:

Answer to Home Assignments together with performance (attendance interaction, Test etc.) in PCP, 20% weightage

Semester Examination – 80% weightage A student who fails in any paper but obtains not less than 25% marks will be eligible to appear in a supplementary examination in the related paper provided he does not fail in more than two papers in a particular semester examination. But such opportunity will be given only once, that is, at the supplementary examination just following the related semester examination. The fee for supplementary examination for each paper is Rs.100/-.

A student, who secures less than 25% marks in any paper in a particular semester examination, will be required to appear again at the papers of that semester at the following examination of that semester. But he/she will be given only one such chance

A student, who does become eligible for appearing at the due semester examination, will be given only one chance to appear in the following examination of that semester provided in the mean time he fulfills the eligibility requirements

The holding of the examinations, the selection of examination centers, the fixation of their dates and venues etc. will be at the discretion of the Director of the Institute/ the University

Award of the Degree A student will be awarded the degree by the University on the basis of results of all the semester examinations concerning the related course

Degrees will be awarded at the convocation. Those who are unable to attend the convocation programme at the University campus, their degree will be collected by Carreograph & send through post on remittance of amount of Rs.300/-


Two years MBA course. A student is required to complete the course within a maximum time limit of 4 years from the date of enrollment.

MBA Syllabus Details, PDF version. Click here.

Admission Form, PDF version. Click here.


(1) Will there be personal contact classes?

Yes, all classes will be only on Sundays. You will get opportunity of attaining sessions of professors from reputed Management Institutions & leaders of the Industry.

(2) Will I be able to manage both – my job front & studies?

Distance education is an opportunity to learn at the speed, place & convenience of learner. This is the worldwide practice. If you look into the profiles of today’s successful managers, you will find that most of them have updated their knowledge while working also.

(3) In 6 hrs of PCP class enough to score good marks?

Apart from 6 hrs of PCP you will get counseling sessions from our faculties to clear up all your doubts.

(4) What is the role of Vidyasagar University & what is the role of Carreograph?

Vidyasagar University has designed the syllabus, conduct examinations & will issue results. Carreograph will follow the syllabus & give proper class room support so that students can learn the subject & become successful in the examination.

(5) If I am unable to attain the schedule PCP class, can it be arrange for me on a separate date?

PCP classes will be informed sufficient in advance so that you can attain it. However if still somebody misses it, efforts will be made to give additional counseling sessions also.

(6) If I don’t get leave during the exam days, then what will happen?

You have to prepare on the next date of the same paper as per the University norms.

(7) While studying at home if I am not able to understand some part of the modules, what help can I get from you?

You will get online support & counseling session to clear all your doubts.

(8) Which subject should I choose as Major & Minor?

It will depend absolutely how you would like to shape your future. e.g. If somebody wants to be in Marketing & desire to go abroad, then ideally he can choose Marketing Management & International Business among Major & Minor.

(9) Will you provide any placement assistance?

Carreograph has a strong background of placement support. You being a student of Carreograph you will also enjoy the same facilities.

(10) I am successful in my job. Do I need to do a MBA?

There is a difference between job & career. Success in your job along with additional qualifications like MBA will help you to build a successful career.

(11) Why should I do MBA under Vidyasagar University?

Vidyasagar University is a state University of West Bengal where standard of education is very high. The Vidyasagar University degree will be more appreciated by the employers than those which are easily available at plenty anywhere.

(12) Who will take classes?

You will get opportunity of attaining sessions of professors from reputed Management Institutions & leaders of the Industry.



+91 9007907171, +91 9831097070


Bhaskar Chatterjee – 9874647473


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